Accessibility (AODA)

Amsterdam is committed to providing a level of service which respects the dignity and independence of persons with disabilities.  This level of service applies to all employees of Amsterdam as well as the public, including guests, visitors, third party contractors and customers. This policy outlines our commitment to the key principles of AODA: Dignity, Independence, Integration and Equal Opportunity.

We take care to ensure each guest has the best possible experience at any of our locations, whether dining at our restaurants or having a pint in our Tap Room. We train our employees on guest service to ensure that everyone comes away saying that they had a “DAM GOOD time” at our locations. As such, our employees will take the utmost care when serving guests with disabilities. All employees are trained on how to provide such exceptional service, while maintaining the independence and respect of our guests.


Amsterdam understands that disabilities come in many different forms. Some may be visible while others are less visible. Some disabilities happen at birth, while others happen over time or are caused by accidents or injuries. Examples of disabilities include but are not limited to: Diabetes, Epilepsy, Brain Injuries, Paralysis, Amputation, Visual Impairment, Hearing Impairment, Speech Impairment, Reliance on a Service Animal, Mental Impairment or developmental Disabilities, Learning Disabilities, Mental Health Disability.

Accessibility Plan

Amsterdam has developed, and will continue to maintain a Multi-Year Accessibility Plan outlining the Company’s strategy to prevent and remove barriers from its workplace and to improve opportunities for persons with disabilities.

The Multi-Year Accessibility Plan will be reviewed and updated (where required) at least once every five years, and posted on the Company’s website. Should you require a copy of the Multi-Year Accessibility plan, please contact Amsterdam.

Providing Services to our Guests with Disabilities

The Amsterdam BrewHouse and the Amsterdam Barrel House are two story restaurants. Unfortunately, both locations do not have an elevator to get to the 2nd floor. We are able to accommodate all guests with who are unable to go up stairs by seating them on the lower levels of the restaurants. All guests can book a table online through OpenTable, however if you have a physical disability that would prevent you from sitting on the upper levels, we recommend that you call and speak to the restaurant directly to make your reservation. We will ensure you are reserved a table where you can be best accommodated. If you booked a table online which is not appropriate for your disability, we will accommodate as quickly as possible upon arrival at the restaurants. You can also “Add a Request” on OpenTable that our reservations team will take note of, this is a great way to let us know in advance of any accommodation needs, so we can be ready to provide you with the best possible service during your visit to our restaurants. We always read the requests!

You can email the BrewHouse: or call 416-504-1020

You can call the Barrel House: 416-504-1060


Amsterdam trains all our employees on the best ways to interact and provide a good or service to guests with disabilities. Our training ensures that the dignity and respect of the guest is maintained and that the guest receives the service or good that they require. We ensure our employees treat all guests in a manner which allows for their independence, we do not assume someone needs assistance, but rather are happy to provide such when asked.

When asked or required, Amsterdam employees can accommodate guests while providing a high level of service. Accommodation examples may include: selecting the most appropriate table that is easy to access and provides adequate space, communicating with guests using non-verbal methods for those that are hearing impaired, allowing service animals inside our restaurants and Tap Room, offering assistance when purchasing beer.

Amsterdam is committed to maintaining the health & safety of our employees and guests. As such, during the current COVID pandemic, Toronto Public Health has previously mandated the use of masks while inside of public spaces. If there is a mask mandate in place and you have a medical disability and cannot wear a mask, Amsterdam is happy to accommodate you and ensure you have access to our goods and services, while ensuring the safety of everyone within our restaurants and stores. Guests who cannot wear a mask for diagnosed medical reasons will be permitted to dine on the patio or will be offered takeout. Guests who are entering our Retail Stores but cannot wear a mask will be offered curbside pickup. You can pre-arrange a Curbside pickup order at our Leaside location by calling 416-504-1040 x 234.

Information and Communication Standards

Amsterdam will communicate with our Guests with disabilities in ways that take into account their disability. We will train our service employees on how to effectively interact and communicate with our diverse community and people with various types of disabilities. We are happy to change our communication style to fit the needs of the guest and have a variety of tools that showcase our food and beers, including iPads and electronic reading material that can be provided to guests upon request.

Amsterdam will provide suitable forms of communication for guests or customers that require it. Should you require something in an accessible format, simply make the request (ideally in advance of coming to an Amsterdam establishment) and we will ensure all the required materials are ready for your visit. You can request these materials by e-mailing

Accessible Website

Amsterdam’s website is WCAG compliant!

Assistive Devices

An assistive device is one or more devices used by a person with a disability to help him/her independently complete everyday tasks. Accessibility devices include mobility aids (e.g., wheelchairs and walkers), portable communication devices, head-wands, hearing aids and much more.

Amsterdam welcomes the use of assistive devices by our Guests to access our goods and/or services. We will ensure our employees are trained on how to interact with individuals using various assistive devices and how employees can provide alternative service methods.

Service Animals

Service Animals are considered as such if they meet the following criteria:

  • The animal readily apparent that it is used by the person for reasons relating to his or her disability; or
  • the person provides a letter from a Regulated Health Professional (including but not limited to physiologist, psychotherapist, chiropractor, nurse, physician, mental health therapist, etc.) confirming that the person requires the animal for reasons relating to the disability.
  • Animals who do not meet this criteria will not be permitted inside our establishments where food is served for health and sanitary reasons.

Guests with disabilities who are accompanied by a service animal are welcome at all Amsterdam locations when accessing our goods and/or services unless the animal is otherwise excluded by law from the premises (example, inside the kitchen)

Amsterdam will ensure that all employees are properly trained on how to interact with Guests with disabilities and who are accompanied by a service animal.

Support Persons

Amsterdam welcomes support persons to all of our locations. A support person is someone who accompanies a guest with a disability to assist them with their needs.

Notice of Disruption of Services

Amsterdam has a variety of accessible services that are always available for guests with disabilities. This includes sliding doors, and automatic door openers. Should any of these services not be available, we will communicate the disruption and will include an estimated timeline to resolve the service. We will always provide an accommodation and alternative strategy in these circumstances.

Employment of People with Disabilities

Amsterdam employs people with a variety of disabilities. We pride ourselves on giving opportunities to a variety of people, regardless of their disability. Should you require assistance during the recruitment process, please e-mail Amsterdam’s Human Resources Department prior to commencing the process. We will accommodate our candidates all throughout the process to ensure they have a fair opportunity.

Training & Orientation

Amsterdam requires that all employees attend Orientation. During Orientation, all employees will be trained on AODA and how to interact with people with disabilities. Training reviews the use of assistance devices and service animals to ensure all employees are familiar with how to interact with guests with disabilities.

Training also reviews how employees who require accommodation can request such in writing.

Accommodation Plans

Amsterdam trains all employees on our Workplace Emergency Response Plan and how we can best accommodate employees who are unable to get to safety in the case of an emergency. Should an employee require assistance in the event of an emergency, they should speak to Human Resources.

In addition, when our employees require accommodation due to their disability (permanent or temporary) Amsterdam will complete a documented accommodation plan, which works in conjunction with the employee and their medical practitioner. Amsterdam will work to explore possible solutions for the person with a disability to ensure they are able to contribute fully to Amsterdam.

Should you require assistance or want additional information on accessibility at Amsterdam, please e-mail us and we will be happy to chat with you!